New Year’s To-Do List Update

We celebrated New Year’s about three months ago now and had set ourselves some goals to accomplish throughout 2018. Still cant believe how fast time is moving but luckily we’ve been fortunate enough to explore several beaches, forests, and marshlands.

The list we wrote up is only a fraction of what we want to accomplish. Our overall goal would be to explore the entire United States, starting off by traveling the northeast coast and working our way in. Eventually we’d love to travel overseas and check out the beauty that the other side of the world has to offer. (Check out our initial list here.)

So far the states we have traveled to in the Northeast are NY, NJ, CT, PA, (we plan to visit MA, VT, NH, RI, ME as soon as the weather starts to cooperate with us) because these states are the closest to our home. Since working is an essential part of life, we mainly have the weekends to do our travels. As spring approaches, we hope traveling farther distances will become easier since we wont have to worry about snow storms making us change plans last minute and we will have a longer span of daylight hours. The first two stops (hopefully in April) would be Massachusetts and Rhode Island as they are the next states on our way up the Northeast.

We have completed To-Do List #2: Bring friends and family along to experience the adventure. Our mother has tagged along for more than one of our weekend hikes and has even bought a pair of hiking boots so she can join us on more of our hikes.  Growing up we never did these kind of activities, so we have always figured hiking and being outdoors was never something she would be interested in. Turns out that we were wrong. I think she looks forward to the weekend and getting out on a trail almost as much as we do now.

We have also completed half of To-Do List # 11: Go snowshoeing and iceskating. We have gone ice skating a handful of times this winter, with the intention of figuring out how to skate backwards. With the help of Youtube tutorials, I think it is safe to say that we can now skate backwards, not perfectly but it’ll do. We plan to keep skating even through the summer months, should we find a rink that has summer open skate hours. We’ve set some new goals, like forward and backward crossovers and if we feel up to it, maybe even attempt scratch spins.

We cant wait to see what the rest of this year hold for us!

Thank you for reading!

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Till next time,

The Traveling Trash Pandas




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