Visiting Storm King Art Center | Amazing Art Installations

Storm King Art Center has been around since 1960 and it offers the public viewings of enormous outdoor art sculptures.  The property is located on a large plot of land west of the Hudson River and has many installations by various sculptors throughout its grounds.  The sculptures range from small installations to towering structures.

We actually stumbled across the art center as we were researching Storm King State Park which is probably 10min away from it.  We were looking around the vicinity for other activities besides the hike when we stumbled across their website.  It just so happened that the weekend March 10-11 was one of their winter openings.  So naturally we were intrigued and decided that we would make a visit.

We were handed a map at the entrance but honestly we didn’t use it as we decided to wander around and stumble across the sculptures ourselves.



Below are a few of our favorites installations:



We have already decided to return when the art center reopens for the season.  We are curious to see what other artists will contribute and it would be nice to actually sit around and not freeze.


Also be sure to check out our video!

Storm King Art Center

1 Museum Rd, New Windsor, NY 12553

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