Northern Greece

Greece, you’ve heard of it right?

It’s that small European country bordered by Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and the Mediterranean Sea.  You might be familiar with the names of the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. But, this week, we are writing about a very untraveled territory of Northern Greece.

First Stop: Komotini

The small city is hidden away in Northern Greece just 1hr from Alexandroupolis Airport or 3hrs from the more frequented Thessaloniki Airport.   Our stay in Komotini was fantastic. It is quiet and relaxing in the summertime. You can walk around, try a souvlaki at Katsouris, have a pizza at Lastrada, or grab a coffee from one of the many coffee shops along Venizelou. If you are looking for nightlife, we highly suggest you ask a local.  Every summer there is a new hit spot where all the cool kids go.


Don’t forget to travel to the beach!

Within 30 minutes, you can reach the coastal beaches of Fanari/ Arogi or travel a little further along to Paralia Mesis or Imeros.  All are accessible via the new highway.

** Driving Tip:  If you are a slower driver, ride the shoulder and allow the faster drivers to pass.  It’s the nice thing to do!**

I got distracted! Anywho, on all these beaches you will find beach bars that have umbrellas and chairs.  All you need to do is purchase a drink (I recommend the Freddo Cappuccino Metrio), take in some sunlight, and go for a dip in absolutely beautiful waters.  Don’t be afraid to walk along the shoreline as it will most often lead you to spectacular views.

Imeros, Rhodopi, Greece
Imeros, Rhodopi, Greece

Next Stop: Alexandroupolis

Need to be in a bigger city?  Check out Alexandroupolis! This waterfront city is beautiful.  You’ll be able to walk around and eat at many of the restaurants along the water and be able to check out the still active lighthouse.


Final Stop: Limnothalassa Porto Lagous  

We had a family friend suggest this last spot for us.  They told us to go early morning around sunrise and we would see thousands of birds that had made their home around those waters.  Cough Cough… we saw some birds, but the rest must have been hiding from us 🙂


Thanks for reading and getting all the way to the bottom of our post 🙌🏼🗺!

Next week: Athens, Greece.

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Till next week,

Alexia with The Traveling TrashPandas

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