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First and foremost, we are sisters (Alexia & Anna) born 3 1/2 yrs apart. We are native to the ever bustling New York City and have lived here all our lives. When we were younger, we were both very much into being active and played soccer almost every day of the week. As we got older and life sort of took over, being outdoors and being active took a back seat. So it is easy to understand how quickly we caught this little thing called a travel bug after a friend dragged us both along for a hike. We had never been on a hike before so we didn’t know much of what to expect, but, let us tell you, it changed our whole outlook on the world around us.

Right off the bat, we figured weekend trips, whether it be small nature walks or rock scrambles or 10 mile hikes, were a great start to motivating ourselves to get out there and be active. These excursions would be a great way to see what our home of all these years really has to offer us. The excitement of exploring new places has pushed us along to create what would become this blog and all our other social media platforms. We wanted a way to share the beauty we find on our trips and forge a means to take our family and friends along for the ride, regardless of whether they could take part of the actual adventure with us. We figured that maybe we could inspire others to break their norm and embark on their own adventures, to explore, to create, and to indulge in what this world has to offer.  

So far we have visited several states in the northeastern USA and a few places abroad. Our goals are to travel to every state, hike, explore and travel the world, whilst writing about all the places we’ve been.

So having said that, thanks for visiting our blog, and we’d love for you to click that follow button and join us on our future escapades. If you are curious about any of the spots we have visited so far, leave a comment and we’ll happily answer!

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The Traveling Trash Pandas