We did it again. Not really sure why, but we NEVER seem to get out of our house on time. Maybe we need to set our clocks to later than what it really is to fool ourselves because we officially hit the road at around 12:30 for Blue Mountain Reservation.  When we finally arrived we entered via Washington Street and left our car in Lot 1, however Lot 2 allows you faster access to the trail head.

We crossed the small foot bridge over a beautiful lake/pond (call it what you would like) and entered the trail at the Northwestern portion of Lot 2.  We chose the Blue Mountain Summit Trail, indicated by navy blue markers, and headed up into the reservation.IMG_1881

On the path we found that there were several trees down due to the previous day’s Nor’Easter which had 70 mph winds going through Westchester county. We made sure to keep an eye out for broken limbs and branches that might have gotten stuck in the trees above and possibly come loose.

Proceeding down the trail we eventually reached the Navy/Red blazes.  If you are following the online map available, please note that they indicate this trail as the Crossover with red/white blazes.  Therefore, the colors on the map will differ from what you see on the trail.

Along this section of the path it actually started to snow!!

This crossover section went pretty quickly and we were met by the Limbo Trail indicated by all red markers and turned left.

Muddy!  This section was mostly mud and fallen trees and branches.

The trail quickly came to an end and we were at the Dickey Brook Trail marked with yellow markers.  You can choose to make your trip longer by turning right and heading further into the reservation or complete the loop back to the parking lot heading west.

The brook that ran parallel to a large portion of the trail offered some pretty beautiful views.  We did leave the trail to get closer shots, even though it is not really advised to  leave the trail you’re hiking.


By the time we reached the end of our hike, we were tired, hungry, and more than happy to be heading home! Also be sure to check out our video! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Trail Facts

Location: Blue Mountain Reservation, Cortlandt, NY 10567

Route Taken: Blue-Red/blue-Red-Yellow.

Difficulty: 3/10

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