Planting Fields Arboretum: Oh Humidity!

The sunscreen was finally taken out this past weekend, along with baseball caps, sunglasses, and a whole ton of water!!  New York doesn’t normally give you nice, warm, spring days, but oh man when it does… it throws in some heat and humidity right with it.  We packed light for our visit to Planting Fields Arboretum State Park.


The arboretum was much larger than we honestly first imagined.  Driving through the gate we showed our State Parks pass and parked in the East Parking Lot.  We crossed the road, snapped a picture of the map, and fallowed the signs posted on the ground to get to Coe Hall passing through the Main Lawn on the way.

The grounds were very green, and we were thinking about asking a worker how they do it, because ours at home really needs some help. After walking around and seeing the beautiful plants and trees on the perimeter, we headed towards Coe Hall.


For entrance to Coe Hall it was $5 per person and we were offered a prerecorded device that explained all the rooms in the property. (One of us had to give up a photo ID as collateral… though I cant figure out who would want to take that machine home with them… Ha ha)


When we finished exploring Coe Hall, we headed into the adjacent Camellia Gardens. Boy, if it wasn’t steamy outside, it sure was inside.


After walking through the Gardens, we made our way to the Italian garden where we checked out the Play house and the Tea house. In this garden there was a lovely blue (I’m not sure if its considered a pool) fountain area which, let me tell you… we were tempted to jump in to cool off.



We took a walk down Carshalton Drive and made it all the way down to the Carshalton Gates. Thank god they had some benches at the end, because with the heat we needed a place to rest and have a drink of water. 20180526_131049.jpgWe concluded our tour of the Arboretum at the Main Greenhouse. This spot was our favorite of all the stops we made that day. There was so much color, we could have spent all day walking around in there.


Alas, we had to cut our visit short due to prior engagements, so we didn’t get to check out all the spots on the map, but from what we did see we loved! We’d recommend it to anyone for a visit!

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