Rockefeller State Park Preserve: Walking Trails

We made our way up the Hudson and landed at Rockefeller State Park Preserve. It was around 72 degrees Fahrenheit and cloudy when we reached the park so it ended up being pretty muggy. We threw on our backpacks and took out the park map we had printed with our intended trail route. We began our ~4 mile loop and spent almost 2hrs venturing around the natural/gravel trails in just a small portion of the forested park lands. **We will list full path taken at the very end of post.**

We began on Natures Way (NW) where we came across a short foot path that lead to a Glacial Erratic. According to the park’s signage the Glacial Erratic is just a fancy way of saying a large rock that is different from the surrounding area that might have been moved here with the glaciers. Honestly, it was really neat to stand up next to it, and to even walk around it.


The end of NW brought us to Old Sleepy Hollow Road Trail (SH). We turned right and this path has you cross Sleep Hollow Road. Very clever Mr. Cartographer! We proceed over the foot bridge and turned right onto Pocantico River Trail (PR). This section was neat as we crossed under Route 117.



We eventually made it to the Thirteen Bridges Trail (TB).  We were mildly disappointed as we were expecting a bit more from the bridges that came before us.  From the research I had done on the park, people had mentioned this was a must for them.  Why?  The other portions of the park had much more to offer.


We reached the end of the TB trail and crossed back under Route 117.  As soon we reached the other side we made a sharp left up the Eagle Hill (EH) trail, merged onto the SH trail and headed back to our car.

It was an enjoyable day nonetheless and we will have to venture back to check out the trails we could complete that day!

OUR PATH June 10, 2018:

Start at NW–> Right on SH–>Right on PR–>Right on TB–>Left going up EH–>SH to Parking Lot **Get the full map here**

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