Teatown Lake Reservation|A Walk in the Rain

It seems that we have unknowingly formed a pattern. If it rains/snows and the ground is soaked through, we drag our mother along for the hike. She hates these conditions and yet it seems to be the only time she ends up on a trail with us. With umbrellas and water-resistant jackets on, we made our way up the Taconic State Parkway. After parking, we checked the map and settled on the blue trail that looped around the lake.

The trail was a well maintained dirt path with minimal to no elevation. Even with the conditions being muddy and wet, there was little to no difficulty in completing the trail. In totality the loop was roughly 1.6 miles.

The sound of the rain was soothing as we walked and the overcast light brought the forest’s colors to life. The greens almost seemed fluorescent and the rain made the reds and browns rich. It was beautiful.

Our favorite part were the small foot bridges and walkways across the sections of the lake. The longest bridge over the lake wobbled when we walked across, so we got a good laugh as our mother hurried to cross it to reach the other side.

All in all, the section of this park that we got to see was beautiful. There was so much more to explore but we didn’t have a chance to, so maybe we’ll come back and check it out when the weather is a bit nicer.

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