Volunteer: I Love My Park

Since day one of our travel adventure, Anna and I decided that we wanted to complete at least 2 volunteer events a year geared towards the outdoors. So, sticking with our intent, we registered for the annual I Love My Park event that happens the first weekend in May.  We had never heard of this event before, obviously, but the events general idea is to help parks clean up after the brunt of the winter season.  This includes garbage pick up, painting, clearing debris and anything that the park itself might require.  So I opened my computer and registered the both of us.

On Saturday morning, May 5th, we woke up, and headed over to Belmont Lake State Park.  We could have registered for a park closer to us in Queens, however, we thought it would only be fair to travel back to one of the parks we visited at the start of our hiking/outdoor adventure.



We arrived by 9am and we were handed t-shirts, latex gloves for painting and were assigned several areas that required painting.  We were paired with a pretty awesome family that made the time go by quickly.  Anna and I took turns due to the limited brushes and began painting bike racks around the park.  It felt great to give back and honestly we really enjoyed painting!  On a side note, Anna may have painted more than just the benches.  Ahem.  ***My pants and sweater that she was wearing***


By the time we had finished it was 12:30.  We took a moment to rest by their lake and when ready we headed out.  On our way home we grabbed something to eat and made our way over to Little Bay Park to eat by the water.


All in all, it was a fabulous day and it felt great to give back! Looking forward to our next one!

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