Croton Gorge Park| Holy Moly What a Waterfall!

IMG_2783As we drove down the entrance to Croton Gorge Park we could already hear the rushing water. I don’t think we were ready for the majesty of the waterfall because when it finally came into our sights we both were in a state of awe. The cascading waters from the aqueduct into the river below were spectacular. We parked the car and began the trail up to the top of the Old Aqueduct. The entrance is across the open field/picnic area. Simply follow the signs up proceeding towards the aqueduct. It was a short, moderately inclined walk and when we reached the top you could see one end of the wall holding the water back and the other end with all the water in the reservoir.


On the way down we decided to complete the River trail. Boy were we happy we did! Compared to the Aqueduct trail, this one wasn’t as heavily traveled since most people were trying to go up top for the waterfall views. We walked along the path and climbed over some fallen trees but eventually we made it down to the river.

Up at the overlook for the waterfall, even though it was sunny, it was windy and cold, but as we walked though the forest where the wind completely stopped, we got a little warm to say the least. So… when we reached the river we couldn’t resist the urge to stick our hands in the water. It was so cold but oh so refreshing. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and this park was wondrous.

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