Turkey Mountain: Hiking in the Sun

For the first time, I, Alexis, woke up before Anna, and had to pull her out of bed at 8:30 in the morning so that we could begin our adventure to Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve.  We originally found the place whilst browsing Outdoor Project.  Have you ever heard of it?  It’s a pretty neat website where you can search for activities in the Americas.  From NYC it took us roughly an hour with moderate traffic to reach the parking lot.  The lot was small, so if you do venture to this area, spots are limited.

We began our hike from the trail head at the entrance to the parking and took the Red trail heading North.  Here we saw some “Forest Lettuce”  and had to make a wardrobe change #1 to change socks… ahem Anna.

We connected to the Blue trail and followed that up and around as you will see if you look at the map.  The trail itself was a moderate hike over a small streams and an uphill ascent.  This teeny section of ascent was where we lost our breath but it was well worth it once we reached the top of the mountain at 831ft.  The vista was pretty beautiful and the sun was out without a cloud in the sky so we were able to see down the Hudson.  We got to do some “yoga” at the top.  The blue trail ended at the this top point.

Our descent through the White trail brought us wardrobe change #2 where we exchanged our heavier sweaters for some lighter wind breakers as it had gotten warmer.

From the White trail we connected to the Red (there are two different Red trails at this intersection: One going East and one going West). We headed west (turning left) and passed the Bird Blind.  Honestly, have no idea what that was.  Its a tall wood structure.  Did we photograph it?  Nope.


At the next intersection we met with the Blue trail and walked South back to the parking lot.  In total we estimate we hiked about 2.5miles. It was such a beautiful day and we cant wait for more days like this!

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