To date, this hike is one of my favorites that I’ve completed. Besides the views being spectacular, the hike itself was exhilarating. The State Line Lookout is located just off the Palisades Interstate Parkway, about 7 miles north of  the George Washington Bridge. For my fellow New Yorkers, this lookout will give you a view for New York quite unlike any other I have seen.

There is a specific exit for this park that is not numbered for all fellow travelers wishing to venture to this spot.  You should head out early because the parking lot fills up quite fast and you will have to park along the road leading to and from the lot.  The first overlook adjacent to the parking lot offers views across the Hudson ranging from the Tappan Zee Bridge to the George Washington Bridge.  

We began our hike from the Long Path marked by blue markers heading towards Peanut Leap Cascade.  This initial part of the journey wasn’t too difficult as the ground was flat followed by a brisk route leading down the cliff side.  By the time you reach Peanut Leap Cascade you will be at water level.  Take time to fuel up as the next mile of the trip is all rock scrambling.  I would not suggest venturing along this path if you don’t have the needed items and attire (hiking boots, water, hands free travel).  

Rock Scrambling a.k.a. the Giant Stairs was where this hike really got exciting for me.  The quest for flat ground was both mentally and physically challenging. We would climb up and back down stacked rocks for what seemed like ages but although it was a long journey it was not boring. The hike throughout this park was pretty spectacular.  At one point in the Giant Stairs we came to a section where you could look straight up the cliffside. The view from the top pales in comparison to when you come face to face with the cliffside towering over you.  It was quite a humbling feeling. We made several stops along the way to take photos and catch our breath and most importantly to enjoy the scenery around us.  After a bit of confusion we found the path back to the top by the help of two also confused hikers. 20171022_141200.jpg

*Hikers tip* Make sure you research all poisonous flora and fauna in the area of which you wish to travel/hike. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and have an emergency first AID kit on hand should anything happen. We came across two snakes, although small in size, on this trail and while their presence was not bothersome, it would have been nice to have been aware of the possibility of their existence before starting the hike.  All in all, I can’t wait to see what else lies in store for our next hiking adventure.

Hike Facts:
Duration: ~3hrs
Distance: ~5miles total
Difficulty: 9
Path Taken: Long Path to Blue Markers, Right at fork heading to Peanut Leap Cascade, Right made at water to travel along White Markers, travel over Giant Stairs and at the next fork in the road take B/W trail leading up mountain.  Follow path till next fork in the road go towards the stateline lookout and not the Women’s Federation (walking over small bridge).  Route leads to main road.  Travel along road going right for ¼ mile back to parking lot.

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