MT. NITTANY, STATE COLLEGE | Excruciatingly Long Road Trip

So a while back when the days were still warm, my sister and I drove out to PA to visit our cousin. What should have been a short 4 hr drive turned out to be about 8 hrs long. We picked this weekend to drive out specifically because it was a three day weekend, and as it turned out  so did many others. The amount of traffic on the road was unbearable not to mention the added congestion from the highway construction. The only saving grace for this drive was a killer playlist and stellar scenery passing by.

While we were there we decided to take a hike up Mt. Nittany which has a beautiful overlook of Penn State College. The hike itself was perfect for the early morning. The ground was dewy from the night before which made the greens of the grass and the trees sparkle when caught by the light. The temperature was a little brisk but as the sun came up, it warmed up to be an amazing day.

On the hike we passed and were passed by a variety of people, and lucky for us we were able to get a group to take our picture. Everyone that we met along the way was super friendly and it made the hike that much more enjoyable.

All in all the weekend passed way too quickly but it inspired my sister and I to come back to PA and see what other beauties it has to offer.

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