It wouldn’t be a fall day in NY without a sky full of clouds and a little bit of rain. None the less this park was beautiful and perfect for a lazy Sunday after a long week. When we arrived, the first thing we saw was the lake.  There were so many ducks and a couple of swans too. It was nice because they had benches all around so you could take a moment, stare off at the lake and relax. At one side of the lake they had a few playgrounds and numerous picnic tables with grills around the area.  On the other side they had a shop where you could rent a boat to take out onto the lake, but since we visited out of season they were not open upon our visit.


We decided to take a relaxed stroll through the forest path and were pleasantly surprised by the scenery. Though the trail we walked was not tiresomely long, it was on level ground which made mindlessly getting lost in your surrounding very easy. Seldom we would see another person on the trail and when we did they usually had their dog with them which was lovely. There were a few bike riders too, so if biking is something you enjoy, you can do that here too.

The park’s trails had workout stations set up ever couple of feet which were fun to mess around with. My particular favorite station was the monkey bars. I haven’t been able to get across them since I was a child so to successfully swing across was exciting. Granted my hands did hurt a bit afterwards but it was worth it. They also had stations where you could exercise your legs, work out your arms on some pull up bars, practice your balance on a balance beam and many more.

All in all this location was great for a quiet day. It was serene and exactly what we needed to unwind a bit.

Be sure to check out our video too! Hope you enjoy it!

Written by: Anna Natasha

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