Throwback Time!

So this week, I’ve decided to tell you about a trip that we took back in June to Breakneck Ridge/ Cold Spring, NY.  It’s pretty much where the whole journey began for Anna and I.  It was our first hike ever and I have a really good friend to thank for that.

The day began with it slightly drizzling as we drove to the trail head.  When we arrived there were cars parked along the road with people putting on their trail gear, so we knew we had arrived.

We grabbed a trail map and spoke with the park rangers at the trail head who mapped a course that would loop us back to the start within 3hrs.  Let me tell you, this trail was absolutely amazing guys.  It was definitely a strenuous hike with many stops made for water and a quick breather as the way up was a pretty steep incline.  Seriously, I’m not kidding! There was a lady who was waiting for a paramedic because she couldn’t go further.  But man, did she miss some awesome views.

There was a lot of scrambling over rocks, almost falls (Anna refuses to admit it), and a whole ton of uphills.  As we made our way around the loop we came across this section where I believe an estate used to be.  I could be wrong, as I haven’t looked it up.  The remnants of the building were not blocked off so you could walk around.

After the hike we drove over to the town of Cold Spring in search of churros and coffee.  Yes, churros, we freaking deserved it.  We went on that handy dandy app called Yelp and found the cutest little cafe hidden away, Rincon Argentino.  When I say hidden away we couldn’t find the place.  We paced up and down Main Street, only to finally realize we had to go underneath the train tracks and come out on the other side.  We eventually found it and were greeting by the owner who was the absolute cutest man ever as he was super friendly and kept checking on us to see if we wanted anything else.

All in all, it was a great trip with some lasting memories.  I encourage you to head out and make some memories of your own, and then tell us where you went for your travels. Happy Travels!

Hmmm, now I want Churros.

Written by: Alexis

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