Our Upcoming April Travels

It’s still too early to predict how the weather will turn out for the month of April but we’re keeping both fingers crossed for nice weather on all the upcoming weekends. We’ve got list of things to do and places to see!!

We are planning to make our way to another Northeastern state this month (either New Hampshire or Rhode Island), completing a 10 mile hiking trail, and possibly exploring different towns around the spots we choose to visit. We’ve been searching the web for locations with waterfalls because we have yet to complete a trail that has one and we figure spring would be the perfect time. Kayaking is also an idea being tossed around but we are considering leaving that for the summertime.  Also in the works is a sunrise hike, which will need some significant planning because we are both not morning people.

It has already snowed once this April but here’s hoping it is the last one of the season. We cannot wait to ditch those winter coats and actually feel warm when the sun is out.

Thank you for reading!

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Till next time,

The Traveling Trash Pandas


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