Since we mainly travel on the weekends, we plan our trips despite weather conditions. This weekend it decided to snow again. We definitely don’t have an issue with hiking in the snow but we have to be wary since we aren’t sure what the trail conditions will be. So on this President’s Day, we grabbed our mother and headed out to Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. Very fitting right!?

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**Little background story:  We initially stumbled upon this park about a two years ago after getting lost on a drive upstate.  As luck had it, we pulled over at this park’s exit to check where we were and get back on the right road. **

When we arrived at the park, our mother felt a little uncomfortable leaving the car parked in a primarily empty lot number 5. She suggested that we park in lots number 1-4 seeing as they were more populated, but we assured her that there was no reason to be worried. Across the road from lot 5 was the start of the trail we planned to take. Due to the snow, it took us a moment to find the entrance but once we did we were on our way.

We made our way down the very muddy and swampy trail.  Characteristic to the northeast, the snow that fell was very dense, so as it melted from both foot traffic and the warmer weather of the day, it left stream like conditions on the path. It was quite hilarious listening to our mom squirm with each step, reluctantly having to walk on the mucky ground.

The trail itself was a loop through the forest so there were no overlooks. However we did pass over two small bridges where the lull of the running water was very relaxing. Fortunately for our mother, we got to walk on paved road for the last couple of meters or so, completing our loop. As we walked back to the car, it started to rain, so all in all our timing was perfect.

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Till next week,

The Traveling Trash Pandas

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