Honestly, I had no idea that President Theodore Roosevelt had a home in Oyster Bay, Long Island.  I clearly paid attention in those history classes. 😁 Anyways, I happened across it whilst searching for trails/hikes near us and well it seemed like a great idea for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  We typed address into the GPS and off we went.


Well, if I could tell Mr Roosevelt something, it would be that his estate was magnificent.  The nature trail starts from the parking lot, runs past the house, and then straight down towards the water.  It is a short trail down, and during the time we went the path was covered in fallen leaves. OOOH, wait, the best part was that it smelled of an apple orchard… even though, I doubt there were any apple trees around.

At the foot of the trail you will find a long white elevated boardwalk that passes over the tidal marshes and leaves you right on the beach.  The best time to visit would definitely be closer to sunset as the shadows and dim lighting make the place truly spectacular.


We sat on the beach, right near the water and laid down on the sand.  It was slightly chilly but since there weren’t many visitors we basically only heard the slow rolling of tiny pebbles being moved by the water.  Relaxing!


As Anna and I really only like completing the trails and hikes, we didn’t partake in the tour of President Roosevelt’s home.  It is however an option for all you history buffs.  Just drop into the main office adjacent to the parking lot.  Speak to the lady at the counter and browse their tiny gift shop.  I purchased a patch to add to my backpack.  Have I found an iron to add it to said backpack?  No, haha.

Bundle up and have a blast adventuring!

Ps: Let us know if you drop by!

-The Traveling Trash Pandas

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