Happy Thanksgiving!

If you have never, walked down a trail and experienced the serenity of passing through the trees into an unexplored wooded area, climbed over rocks at the foot of a cliff, or sat at the edge of the ocean near the crashing waves, I highly suggest it.  It has been roughly 2-3 months since Anna and I have hiked and walked through countless trails, driven to four states, and partaken in many offkey sing-a-longs in the car traveling to and from each spot.  No, those videos will not be shared to spare everyone’s eardrums.


Nevertheless, it really was eye opening when you have that moment where the world almost stops in its rotation and you are left speechless.  No phone or camera can truly capture its beauty and no editing can recreate the sights as you see them through your own eyes.  No trail is the same and every experience provides you with an experience you will not forget.  

I’ve found myself taking a breath along the numerous paths as my sis travels ahead, to just stare up at the trees or to sit by the ocean. Some of the trails we have completed had such amazing views and just being able to travel together has made the experience all the better.  We’ve hiked with friends and family, gone on solo adventures, but there has not been a moment that has gone by that doesn’t stop us from packing the backpack and making our weekend trip out to a new unexplored area.


As today is Thanksgiving, I’d like to think that we are truly blessed to have had these experiences and am even happier that we can share them with you.  


How about a thumbs up for that fitting Snapchat filter!!  One with the forest, am I right? Tee hee.

Thanks for following along on our journey and have a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Travels!

-The Traveling Trash Pandas


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