Anna: “Why does this map say right hip, left hip, right leg, left leg?
Alexis: “Anna, what’s the name of the park?”
Anna: “Ohhh. Sleeping Giant. I get it.”

Honestly, if I hadn’t been the one to research this state park, I would have been just as confused by all the body parts. It was however, a hilarious way to begin our hike at Sleeping Giant State Park.


Sleeping Giant was our first time visiting the state of Connecticut and this trip made it the 3rd state we have hiked together since the beginning of our travel blogging adventure.

Our hike along the Tower Trail was filled with absolutely breathtaking views and a gravel trail that was lined with trees whose leaves had just started changing.  It was a moderately trafficked path with students from the neighboring college campus, seasoned hikers transitioning to the more difficult trails, and small chipmunks that would scurry along its edge.

The minimal elevation made it a perfect afternoon hike, despite us melting from the humidity.  It definitely did not feel like fall.  As we approached the top of the trail we were met by the left hip aka The Tower.  We were able to walk through the tower to the top and take a short breather.

Around the perimeter were small arched windows with a ledge on which you could sit and grab a view of the surrounding area.  We spent roughly 10-15min at the top of the tower before heading back down the same trail towards the picnic area/parking lot.

To end our first adventure in Connecticut, we decided to grab coffee ☕️ from a local cafe within a 10 min drive from the park called Moonrise Cafe.  The staff was super friendly and the atmosphere was quiet, with people scattered throughout the cafe.  All in all, it was a great end to our CT hiking adventure.

⛰Additional Hike Facts⛰
Date of Trip: September 24, 2017
Weather/Temperature: Sunny Humid/ 87 F
Trail/ Distance: Tower Trail/ 1.6miles in one direction
Difficulty: Easy

Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to follow along for more! 🐼🚙🛣🐼

Written by: Alexis

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