What I enjoy about this cold front that has come through is that there are way less people on the usually populated hiking trails.  It gives us the chance to really take our time and enjoy the hike without the echoes of chatter in the background.


Cold Spring State Park is a pretty popular short distance hike in Long Island, NY.  It is roughly a 2 mile in and out trail with minimum elevation.  There are some up hills that require a little leg muscles but it is definitely a great short distance hike for a lazy day.

When you arrive you are greeted by a small parking lot that holds about 50 cars.  We parked, threw on our hiking shoes and headed to the start of the trail.  The trail itself was marked with white blazes and numbered.  The start of the trail consists of a set of wooden stairs that lead on up the the main path.  The trees have pretty much lost all their leaves and the ground is covered in leave debris.

I even got to see a downy woodpecker hacking away at tree.  How do I know this? Well, I took a bird class in college and my iPod still contains the bird calls I had to learn and like to randomly pop up in my playlist.  It’s always entertaining! 😀

Anywho! Check out the hike details below and be sure to leave us a thumbs up!

<<<—>>> <<<—>>><<<—>>>


Distance: 2 miles out and back

Difficulty 4/10

Terrain: Dirt path with minimum elevation

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