Hello from the Trash Pandas!


Alexis here, and my sister Anna is most definitely off somewhere rummaging for snacks!  Welcome to our first ever blog post! Let’s get started and I’ll tell you a little bit about what you can look forward to in the future of this blog.

If our blog name did not give it away, it all comes down to TRAVEL.  Traveling has always been something that my sister and I have been greatly interested in doing for some time now.  We have always wanted to explore the great outdoors and figured now would be a great time to put that idea in the forefront.  We’ve realized after our recent travels that our experiences were something we would love to share with you all.  Hopefully as we continue to travel, the places we visit, the foods we eat, and the activities we take partake in will inspire you to take part in adventures of your own.

Come join us on our blog and follow us on our other linked social media accounts as we post about our traveled spots and be sure to chat with us along the way.  We welcome all questions and of course recommendations for our next trip!


Two novice travelers

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